We are number 1 English speaking moving service company in Japan . We operate with our  different size of trucks . We provide the  reasonable prices  and fastest  service  and make your next move hassle free.

No matter how small or how big is your move we have a solution for you. 

How Does It Work?

  1. Fill out the form!

  2. Get your estimate

  3. Make sure you send us pictures for all items. And also make sure all your items fits to elevators and doorways at the new apartment.

  4. Pack your small items into moving boxes.(if you require packing service  too our pro team  will do it for you)

  5. If you want to make the payment by credit card you have to do it before moving day.

  6. Once our team arrive to your pick up location we require payment.

  7. If you are helping to our driver it can bring your cost down!


Are you going to holiday and you do not want to pay rent ?

or you need extra space at home?  or you want to buy some furniture and you don't have an apartment yet?


Quickmove secure storage service is just for you. We can store your belongings secure dry trunk room. Please fill in the form to get a quick quotation.




In Japan it can be difficult to dispose your furniture.  We help you to remove your unwanted items from a small microwave to large furnitures. For this we need to charge you pick up plus disposal cost which we have to pay disposal centers. If you quickly send us the pics at then we can give you the quotation.



Did you buy new furniture? We can install them for you . We carefully install furnitures washers fridges etc. for you.


Equipment we use

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard Boxes

Please order with us cardboard boxes. Its double walled and suitable for all kinds of fragile items.

Protection Cover

Protection Cover

We cover your fridge , washer tv etc. with these blanket like strech cover and make sure for safe transport.

Hanger Box

Hanger Box

Please order hangerbox if needed when you book your move.

Mattress Cover

Mattress Cover

We cover your mattress with this special PE cover to make sure even rainy days your moving can be done!

Protection Cover

Protection Cover

This is how your belongings look like while we carry them!



All our trucks has troiley for quick and safe loading unloading!

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Do you want to give us a hand and have some extra income?

We are regularly recruiting new team members like drivers , carriers, cleaners etc. so if you want to be member of the team please do let us know!