I want to move how do I get a quote?


To get an accurate quote please in the form in the get a free quote form in our website. We will reply you as soon as possible.


What kind of details should I give about my belongings?


Giving the details of your items is the key point to an accurate quote for our services. We recommend you to start with big items like fridge, washer , sofa etc. If possible send us a pic. Also try to determine the size. Example ; if it is a fridge 3 door big fridge etc.


I do not know how many boxes I need?


It is really very difficult to guess how many boxes you need sometimes. Therefore we recommend you to choose approx. if you are living alone and you do not have many items 10 would be enough.


Do I need to give my exact address details to get a quote?


No. You can just tell us the postcodes. If you decide to choose our company then you can give your exact address.


How and when do I pay?


You can pay us cash, bank transfer and with paypal if you have a paypal account. If you choose cash you can pay us at the pick up location. If you choose bank transfer or paypal we require a payment at least 48 hours before we arrive to pick up location.



Can I ride with the truck?


No You can not Legally prohibited in Japan. We recommend you take train etc as this is a truck and not a passanger car for your comfort.



What is this 4000 yen rate for?


4000 yen is a starting rate for delivering a very small items like  a small microwave for a very short distance etc.