Rate Calculation

To give a fix rate for all our customer is very difficult as every moving is really unique. Therefore we recommend you to fillin the form to get the most accurate estimate from us. To give you an idea how we calculate the cost we will give you what effects your pricing.

Pick Up Location

Your moving out location is important for our cost calculation . The price depends on which prefecture you are in and how far your location is from the nearest truck base. Please give accurate information of your pick up location.



It is important that we know what floor you are in and is there elevator or not . It is one of the main cost of the move. For example if you are in 3rd floor and no elevator it can be hard job and we need more men power and time. Also  if you are in 20th floor then it will take time and will cost more than moving in to 1st floor for sure.



This is also very imporant for movers. We need to know how many km is the distance between pick up and delivery location.


As you can guess it is very important as well. To give you and accurate estimate we need to know items in details. Like if you have fridge what size is your fridge and if you have sofa what size is your sofa and how many cardboard boxes you need etc. We understand that it is diffcult to guess how many items in total you have till you pack everything but we recommend you advise us if you have much more items then you advised us before . This is for your benefit for any inconvinience during moving. If possible please send us some pictures of the items this will help us understand more of your items.


Truck size is important for moving cost. If you give us the right  information of your belongings then we can calculate more accurately what size truck you need.We operate with 5 Trucks (Width: 140 cm x Lenght: 200 x Height 200 cm) Aprox 5 Cubic Meter. One can take take easily large fridge, washer, sofa ,  big TV , Bed , Bike and alot of boxes. If you have still more we can send you two or more trucks at the same time!


This is also very important. Some customers are willing to help some are not. Depending on the size of the job we may need 1-2-3 or more men.


Please advise us if we need to uninstall any of your furniture or airconditions. These are definitely effect your cost of moving. If you want to do it yourself that is perfectly fine but then you need to do it before moving date and time so that they are ready for loading to our truck.


Date and time is extremely important. Towards end of the month and early days of the month , weekends are bussier then other times so it can be difficult to give you schedules . Therefore we recommend you book asap once you decide to move.

As you see it is very difficult to give you price on the phone because there are many effects on the price. Therefore we highly recommend you to fill in the get a free quote form and send it to us we will reply you within 1-2 hours max.